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VSI Crushers Features

VSI Applications

Rock and mineral deposits vary widely from site to site, country to country, and around the world. Crushing plants, circuit variations, and product requirements are infinite.
For this reason, any crusher, if it is to succeed, perform reliably and economically, it must be designed to fit the specific the needs of your job..

Design Features

Fully welded construction, Large receiving hopper, heavy duty main pedestal, drop in style, oil lubricated bearing assembly having ample dimensioned spherical roller bearings
Hydraulic lid lifter mechanism
Externally adjustable feed tube system with a convenient inspection door mounted on the lid, provides safe and easy inspection
Lid and main frame protection with special alloy wear resistant liners

How VSI Crushers Work

Impact crushing occurs on anvil.
This type of crushing is recommended for non abbrasive or low abrasive materials, such as limestone, in secondary and tertiary crushing applications with larger feed sizes.
Selective crushing of moderately abrasive slags, industrial minerals, mining overburden etc.
High capacity production of cubical and high quality sand can be obtained.

More VSI Crusher Information


Tungten carbide component on rotor
Preparations for water spray piping system mounting to avoid material build up underneath rotor V Belt drive guard prevents dust intrusion to the V Belt drive
Air transfer system enables internal air circulation and reduces dust emission
Bearing assembly mounted into a rigid base frame support provides maximum strength ideal for large feed or high speed applications
Flexible crushing chamber options


Modular oil system includes 160 liters(42 gallons) oil tank, gear pump, relief valves for low pressure oil circulation and high pressure lid lifter circuits, low flow rate shut down switch, oil heater, oil level gauge, oil temperature and lube oil pressure gauges
Safety features includes; open lid safety lock, low oil flow rate and high oil temperature shut off switches.
Excessive vibration alarm system that includes a maintenance alarm to alert you to potential problems. If excess vibration occurs, the vibration switch will shut down the crusher to protect it from possible damage.
Dual drive design reduces the radial and thrust loading on the electric motors, resulting in an extra-long service life for the motors.


ROR configurations are recommended when crushing the most abrasive materials, in tertiary and quaternary applications where additional fines production is desired.
Autogenous crushing occurs inside crusher chamber between material thrown from rotor and material resting on rock shelf or material springing back from rock shelf.
Production of cubical high quality aggregates and sand from highly abrasive input materials, such as gravel, granite, quartzite etc
Crushing of highly abrasives materials, such as aluminum oxide, ferrosilicon, abrasives, glass etc
Selective crushing of slags from steel mills, waste incineration plants etc.

VSI Crusher Models and Specs

Have a look at our range of VSI crushers with detailed technical data below. Feel free to contact us if you require more specific information or a unique solution for your needs. Our engineers will be happy to assist with your project.

 Maximum Feed SizePowerSpeedMax. Capacity  Weight
inch HPrpmstphmtph lbs
AIV955/ROR2270800 - 170022020023980
Single Drive2340800 - 170027525024640
AIV95D/ROR22 X 150800 - 170022020026840
Dual Drive22 X 180800 - 170027525027280
2 X 220800 - 170033030027720
AIV955/ROS2270800 - 160022020029040
Single Drive2340800 - 160027525029700
AIV95D/ROS22 X 150800 - 160022020031460
Dual Drive22 X 180800 - 160027525031900
2 X 220800 - 160033030032340
AIV95S/SOS3270800 - 140022020029920
Single Drive3340800 - 140027525030580
AIV95S/SOS32 X 270800 - 140044040034320
Dual Drive

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