Apron Feeders

Custom designed for any application

AGGRETEK Apron Feeders are made of rugged, heavy duty construction and designed to handle large lumps and where no fines removal is required or where fines are removed by a separate Scalper. When the feed material is wet, sticky or clay like, the Apron Feeder is the machine to select. Generally, the Apron Feeder can be installed in a horizontal or inclined position. The high inclination also allows to build compact installations and to reduce the length of the Apron Feeder keeping the investment costs low.
As an optional extra, AGGRETEK Apron Feeders can incorporate a Dribble Conveyor which is located under the feeder to catch the small pieces, fines and lumps of material that became trapped on the feed side of the apron flights and dribble out on the return side. This feature eliminates manual clean up and saves on man hours.

Apron Feeder Models and specs

Capacity / Chain Speed48x1548x1848x2660x1560x1860x26
13 ft/minstph370370370460460460
20 ft/minstph550550550680680680
26 ft/minstph740740740910910910

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