Portable Solutions

Mobile Crushing & Screening Groups

Temporary aggregate production is very common for short-term projects like road and dam construction. Since most of the time the equipment is moved out of the temporary quarry, disassembly, transportation and installation expenses add extra costs that can be just as significant as the start-up investment itself. In such cases, despite higher initial investment costs, mobile crushing and screening solutions are better options than stationary ones because of the time-saving disassembly, transportation and installation advantages they provide.


AGGRETEK mobile crushing and screening groups are no different from stationary analogues in terms of performance, operational characteristics and operational costs, with the added advantage of providing a compact, solid and easy setup. Most of our machines from our product range can be manufactured on mobile chassis, except high-tonnage crushers that exceed the allowed load on axles and can’t be granted road permission.


Since mobile crushing and screening groups take less space than stationary solutions due to their compact structure, they are well suited for users with strict space requirements. Mobile groups can be supplied with a wide range of options and are available with hydraulic or mechanical legs.

Portable Solutions – Models and Specs

Feel free to contact us if you require more specific information or a unique solution for your needs. Our engineers will be happy to assist with your project.

 Feeder ModelCrusher ModelBelt Conveyor Dimens.Transport DimensionsWeight (lbs.)
MMG 60MF525MJ6026x2626x11x1250700
MMG 90MF935MJ9032x2428x12x1459500
MMG 110MF1146MJ11040x2644x12x14145100
MMPI 1313MF1146MPI131340x2646x12x14121300
MMPI 1515MF1450MPI151548x2649x12x14149900

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