At the heart of every quarry and mine are screens

The screening process is just as important as the crushing itself. Screens are the hub of every rock processing plant. They are used to classify materials both in different stages of the crushing process and in final product separation. Designed as a non-welded frame with adjustable vibration features for different material types and screening sizes, AGGRETEK screens provide screening efficiency that is high quality and dependable.

Screening Solutions

Dewatering Screens

You can count on AGGRETEK Dewatering Screens to help you turn material washing problems into profitable solutions and meet the specification demands for multiple sand products.

Inclined Screens

Screen bodies with a conventional bolted assembly create extra labour costs, increase safety risks and reduce overall profitability because of the rupture of bolts caused by loosening nuts. AGGRETEK’s vibrating screens with huck-bolted assembly don’t require maintenance for bolts and nuts, so they also ensure workplace safety.

Horizontal Screens

Nowadays, customers are requiring tighter specifications for products for precisely shaped aggregate or closely-sized stone. As a result, tighter control over the process is of utmost importance and the most effective point to do that is at screening. For that critical step you can trust AGGRETEK Horizontal Screens.

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