Inclined Screens

Safe and durable operation

The screening process is just as important as the crushing itself. Screens are the heart of every rock processing plant. They are used to classify materials both in different stages of the crushing process and in final product separation. Designed as a non-welded frame with adjustable vibration features for different material types and screening sizes, AGGRETEK screens provide screening efficiency that is high quality and dependable. Our screens come in various sizes starting from 2 m2 (22 sqft) up to 16 m2 (172 sqft) and are equipped with up to four decks that can be supplied with different types of meshes, such as grizzly, perforated sheet, polyurethane and steel meshes, with washing options to meet the requirements of a wide range of applications.


Inclined Screens Features

High Quality Screen Body Steel Plates

Every inclined screen is made of high-tensile heat-treated side plates that are resistant to vibration, allowing our customers to use them long-term with the same durability as during first use. 

 Self-Tensioned Motorbase

AGGRETEK inclined screens, a self-tensioned motorbase is a standard feature to protect both the electric motor and drive belts against tension caused by vibrations, meaning less maintenance duration and lower costs for our customers.

Huck-Bolted Assembly side plates

Screen bodies with a conventional bolted assembly create extra labour costs, increase security risks and reduce overall profitability because of the rupture of bolts caused by loosening nuts.


Screen mesh is one of the most frequently replaced spare parts on inclined screens. To simplify the maintenance process and reduce downtime, we designed front chutes with sliders for inclined screens bigger than 8 m² so the front chute can be moved without using any lifting equipment. This provides easy access to the screen for maintenance in just a few minutes.


AGGRETEK inclined screens are equipped with a modular-type drive system for easy servicing. The two-piece drive-shaft system can be detached easily one by one, reducing servicing duration. Additionally, the cardan shaft connecting the modular shafts is more advantageous than traditional heavier and single-piece shafts in terms of easy maintenance.

Inclined Screens Models and Specs

Feel free to contact us if you require more specific information or a unique solution for your needs. Our engineers will be happy to assist with your project.

 DimensionsNumber Power
in feet of DecksHP
ASI51325x132 / 3 / 420
ASI51625.2x16.42 / 3 / 420
ASI61626.6x16.42 / 3 / 425
ASI62026.6x202 / 3 / 430
ASI72027.9x202 / 3 / 440
ASI82028.2x20.72 / 3 / 450

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