Maximum efficiency from your washing plant

To ensure maximum efficiency from your washing plant the introduction of sandwashing equipment is widely accepted as the number one choice. Compact sand plants are designed for aggregate producers requiring a fines recovery plant to support their existing operations by reducing the volume of fine material reporting to the settling pond. The range uses centrifugal force within the cyclone(s) to remove clay, silt and slime from sand to bring it into specification and combines a collection tank, centrifugal slurry pump(s), hydrocyclone(s) and a dewatering screen on a single chassis


Compact Sand Plant Features

AGGRETEK sand plant is built up by combining one of each of the following main components: • 3 models of pumping tanks, sizes of sand pumps, chosen for their resistance to abrasion, and their performance, • 3 types of high performance cyclones designed to ensure a cut 70 μm, • 3 types of dewatering screens equipped with modular polyurethane panels with slotted openings. In general applications, an AGGRETEK Sand Unit produces a 0-5 mm (0-4 mesh) washed sand in accordance with applicable concrete sand standards. In more demanding applications, e.g.where there is a higher degree of pollution, or for specific productions or higher tonnages, AGGRETEK is able to propose an individual solution corresponding to the customer’s specific request by combining several Sand Units either in parallel or in series.


Gravel and concrete sand industries, The production of industrial sands, The treatment of polluted soils (rehabilitation of industrial sites, dredging of rivers or harbours, etc.).


Can recover 1 or 2 grades of sand from wet feed • Maximum recovery of all material above 75 μm (200 mesh) providing major reduction in fine material discharging to the water management system, thus reducing recovery cycle and saving money • High frequency dewatering screen with polyurethane modular media reduces residual water content in your final product to 10–15%, ready for market straight from the belt conveyors.

More Features/Benifits

• Pumps and cyclones have replaceable liners for extended wear life • Low maintenance and simple operation with self regulating cyclone tank with built in float system • Robust easy to assemble steel construction complete with galvanized walkway & handrails provide easy access • All electric plant pre-wired to control panel or isolators to integrate with other equipment • Breaks down into a single container for transport

Compact Sand Plants Models and Specs

Have a look at our range of compact sand plants with detailed technical data below. Feel free to contact us if you require more specific information or a unique solution for your needs. Our engineers will be happy to assist with your project.

   Fluid Requirements Hydrocyclone SizesDW Screen
DW Screen
Pump MotorSystem Weight 
ASP100100110880-1540200 - 350262x76x88”/6”50181008200
ASP1501501651320-1980300 - 4502X202x106x810”/8”75187008500

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