Wet Processing

Keep Your Material in Spec Through Washing And Classifying

To produce standardised, clean and washed aggregates AGGRETEK offers an extensive product portfolio to work in many applications supporting customers in the washing minerals industry. AGGRETEK products have excellent reliability, are easy to transport, operate and provide fast onsite installation

Wet Processing Solutions

Compact Sand Plants

Ensure maximum efficiency from your washing plant with the introduction
of sandwashing equipment. Designed for aggregate producers requiring a fines recovery plant to support their existing operations by reducing the volume of fine material reporting to the settling pond.

Fine Material Washers

Fine material washers, also frequently named dewatering screws are utilized to clean and dewater fine aggregates.
Available in both single and twin screw configurations.

Coarse Material Washers

Coarse material washers are used to remove a limited amount of dirty material from a coarse aggregate.  They are often used as a final wash following a wet screen and are designed to scrub and clean gravel and crushed stone

Log Washers

Used primarily for washing materials that have tough clay contaminant. Aggretek Log Washers are designed for washing all types of materials including hard rock-ore, limestone and gravel.

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